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Audio and PA Solutions

Music For Miles

Strategic SiCube Speaker Unit Locations. SiCoustics wants to support your VISION and ensure ALL MAJOR SPONSORS and PARTICIPANTS are getting the attention they deserve. We cover the route which is the BEST time and place to get your participants undivided attention not just for sponsors but also for educating them about your programs.

Scalable PA System

PA System and Stage Extensions. Covering every corner of your event. We either operate as our own PA system or we can extend your stage to ensure all areas of the event are covered. Our wireless system keeps you from having to run wires and cables all over your event and ensures no tripping hazards and less set-up time. We also keep you from having to use overpowered sound systems, keeping the sound spread just right.

Digital Programming

Custom Audio Clip including Event Branded Audio Files. It’s important for sponsors and participants to know how much you do for them whether through music or messages. We share the CUSTOM audio clip designed specifically for each sponsor and for them to know YOU go ABOVE and BEYOND.


Struggling with Organic Content and Event Engagement? Our ENGAGE department sets us apart from the rest by specializing in a gamified smartphone APP solution similar to that of a scavenger hunt, blending templated or custom activities and missions with your brand and by designing contests for ALL ages.  Game and Go and Expo and Go solutions.  Building a highly memorable experience to drive future attendance is our #1 objective as well as helping you recruit sponsors by offering increased exposure and positive brand associations.  After it’s all over, take advantage of photos and videos database to help inspire and increase future marketing!

Patented Technology

Product Purchase and Partnership NEW OPPORTUNITY to own our patented wireless battery operated and scalable network and PA system that can cover all corners of your event from walking routes, to vendor/booth areas, to outdoor church services, to downtown city areas and much more!  We’ve designed this system to be extremely simple to maintain. Our Stackable Transport System(patented) to our flip-the-switch SiCube(patented) and to the many internal processes and partnerships that have made SiCoustics successful.  Save $, make $ even now during COVID, save time and provide the BEST experience for sponsors and participants.  Learn more and view this simple set-up video.

Seen in Action

SiCoustics Benefits

Completely Wireless

Small blue wireless, battery-operated speaker units known as SiCubes. Cover every corner of your event. No electricity or loud generators required.


Our system can connect with any PA system by transmitting out from main stage. We collaborate with DJs and emcees to allow your vision to be fulfilled with minimal effort.

Captivate Your Audience

Covering every corner of your event from running/walking routes, to food areas, to vendor areas, and to parking lots. Highlighting your messaging to your captive audience.

Reusable Marketing Materials

Digital programming can be shared to sponsors, participants, volunteers everyone. Educating and entertaining to ensure your visions messaging is emphasized when it matters most.

Show Your Sponsors You Care

Allow your sponsors to blend their brand through your vision with continually shared digital messaging that plays throughout your event and online.


Covering every corner of your event means that your participants have a chance at hearing everything that happens on stage.

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